Dimensional Control Workers required in Scandinavia

7 x Dimensional Control workers required to start in 1- 2 weeks time , rotation 4 weeks on , 2 weeks off. 6 months work in Scandinavia.

Job Description :

Marking before fitting shall be caried out by FABRICATOR using appropriate Dimensional Control methods (Total Station)

Dimensional Control of the grillage shall be carriedout after fitting of the elements on the SPV by an appropriate method (Total Station) before starting welding.

After Welding, Dimensional Control of the grillage shall be carried out again by an apprpriate method (Total Station).

The Contarctor shall provide all personnel, equipment and instruments required to monitor and control dimensions and tolerances. Instruments used shall be in accurate adjustment and shall have current valdi calibration certificates.
Reference temperature for survey activities should be approximately 20 deg. C.
The allowable tolerances given for individual members shall not cumulate to give unacceptable deviationfor the finished section or complete structure. If tolerances given for individual sections and components are conflicting, those tolerances representing the stricter values shall be governing. If no appropriate tolerance is specified, the tolerance requirements shall be agreed .


If interested please contact our office on 01229807371